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[Note: This is an email survey. Please send all replies to
<>. Posting replies anywhere else will not be of
any help.]

I recently purchased an Epson Photo 820 printer which works very well
under eCS-OS/2 with the EPOMNI3 driver from IBM Japan
<[link||]>. The print
quality for photos is about as good as on windows (so I'm told) or a Mac
(I have the parallel port connected to an eCS machine and the USB to an
iMac). But the driver utilities (nozzle check, head alignment, head
cleaning) don't work with this printer/driver combination and the
print quality tops out at 1440x720 while the printer is capable of
2880x720 DPI.

After making some enquiries about future driver support I have in
return been asked for requirements for support of newer Epson
printers. So I have started an email survey to see what if any
interest there is in getting these printers better supported. Please
send all replies to <> I am particularly
interested in responses from anyone that would use this printer in a
commercial/business application or setting, but replies from anyone
truly interested in needing a photo quality printer under eCS-OS/2 are
also appreciated.

- Please briefly describe your company (company focus / size of company / use of OS/2)?

- If you are interested in being contacted about this please
include an email address, contact name and company name (if

- How many Epson Photo 820 printers (current and future) would you

- Would you prefer support for a different Epson model? If yes,
please explain (model/quantity needed/why preferred).

- Why would you need 2880 DPI printing?

- Which applications would you be using with this printer?