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New There's a reason I didn't...
get an advanced degree in philosophy, like I wanted to.

Actually, several.

One being the elaborate houses of cards built on vertical surfaces. The whole theory here is based on the clearly false premise that people are rational. Or at least that there are enough rational people to matter.

Another is language. Too many words for simple ideas.

The "to it's credit" proviso: the theory recognizes that it only applies if reality includes clear choices. Nice refocusing on a debatable minor premise to avoid the definitively false major premise. Kind of like analyzing unicorn populations in the light of the impact of hybrid vehicles on global warming. But not actually valid - if there were such a thing as rational people, the theory would work if those rational people were under the impression they had clear choices.

And the third, I like to eat.
I think it's perfectly clear we're in the wrong band.
(Tori Amos)
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