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New Re: For now...
Another Scott wrote:>>Not to be a wet blanket, but remember, the forces that wanted to make the changes are still out there. Don't be surprised if the "new and improved" version comes back from the dead.<<

They said they were going to make the new user interface an option for people rather than force it onto our groups. They even admitted that the new format didn't even work for a basic listserv. So that was positive.

Another Scott wrote:>>(Just about every user-comment system I recall has had rollouts of improvements that went through multiple cycles of steps forward, reversions to previous, etc. - InfoWorld, TPM, etc. Eventually the owners/managers did what they wanted anyway.)<<

Well, I had reached the press and was talking to them, and they contacted Yahoo. Also the CEO was in a press conference today and that was probably another factor, and bottom line, the fact that almost 50,000 users had already left Yahoo and another 70,000+ stood poised to do it if they didn't give us the option for Classic, I suspect that got their attention. ;)

It probably also helped that the person they put in charge of it, she didn't even know what a listserv was, or what a group was used for! So when it got above those people out of the complaint thread and we spread it all over the Internet, the higher ups heard it and then acted. :)

I may not trust it implicitly, but I believe for now, like you said, we've won!

It was a long fight, but there are a lot of happy Yahoo group users out there tonight. ;)


Oh, and the amazing part? I finally got their attention with a poem I e-mailed to Yahoo, and the news outlets. ;) It's in the next post. ;)
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Expand Edited by Nightowl Sept. 29, 2010, 07:23:22 PM EDT
New How I got the attention of the Press ;)
by Brenda | 5 days ago


For weeks we’ve been striving
To save Classic Groups.
Since Yahoo just wants us
To jump through their hoops.

A group was created
To further our goal.
We threw ourselves into
The cause, heart and soul

There were 100 members
In no time at all,
All joining together
To stop this downfall.

We wrote Yahoo’s Execs,
And the media too,
Even told Advertisers
What they planned to do.

We feverishly worked,
Though it was a gamble,
While in her blog, Layla,
Continued to ramble.

“Stop this remodel”,
We shouted as one,
“You have no idea,
Of the damage you’ve done!

You’re destroying our archives!
Post numbers are gone,
Threading is chaos,
And our subjects are gone!

We don’t want your silly
Grey grinning ghosts!
Bring back our home page,
It mattered the most!

Our photos are scrambled,
Some even are missing,
Why are you doing this?
Our pleas you’re dismissing!

We simply can’t function
With your new “Yabook”!
Just give us an opt out,
To keep Classic Look!

Things that were private,
Have been compromised!
Members lists show,
And even archives!

We have no control of our
Management functions,
Some people are thinking
Of filing injunctions!

The thousands of posts
In the Suggestion Thread,
Are all going ignored,
Can’t you hear what we’ve said?

We don’t want this mess!
You’ve upset us all,
And you’re causing distress!

If we wanted Facebook,
Then we would be there!
Our groups are our “homes”
Do you even care?

You came with a bulldozer,
You’re crushing them flat!
Don’t do this, we’d rather
Just stay where we’re at!

Don’t you know thousands
Of users are leaving?
And all of the rest are
Just sitting here grieving?

Please listen to us,
While we are still here,
Because if you don’t,
Then surely I fear,

No one will be left,
To hear what you say
We’ll be in our lifeboats,
All paddling away

Cause we see the iceberg,
And before it can hit,
We’ve all made our plans,
We’re ready to quit.

So please take a minute,
Slow down and think?
Because your Yatanic,
Well, it’s doomed to sink.”

By Nightowl >8#
(Owner of http://tech.groups.y...p/modsandmembers/)
When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
New Sounds like we have a culprit.
Hopefully a certain head has rolled, specifically the clown in charge of this "remodel" who didn't know what a listserv was.


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A:No, the fingers should be eaten separately.
New Her name is Layla...
She seemed to be rather clueless about everything. I don't know if she's still there, but if she is, I pray they removed her from being in charge of groups.

She made me nauseated with her pep talks..."You'll LOVE the new format!" "It's wonderful!" blah blah blah...

Apparently she hasn't held a job for more than a year and half on average, other than her last one. People dug up all kinds of history on her.


She used to work management for....E-Bay!

When first shown a group, she didn't understand it, so she thought ok, I don't understand this so I'll change it.

(shaking my head)

Thank goodness, the right people realized what was going on and stopped it.

When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
Expand Edited by Nightowl Sept. 30, 2010, 01:31:25 AM EDT
New I changed my mind.
She shouldn't get fired: Yahoo should hang on to her but demote her so she has time and space to learn about what Yahoo has actually been up to all these years and why people like it.


Q:Is it proper to eat cheeseburgers with your fingers?
A:No, the fingers should be eaten separately.
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