Wade: wrote:>>And I realized some time after you first posted that that's all you really wanted to do. No offence, it just wasn't so obvious. :-) <<

And I get that. I was tired, it was late, I had been dealing with 80+ people all stressing about this in the group, and well, I didn't re-vamp the post we had been using to be more suitable for IWT. It hit me later, you know, I should have worded that differently for you guys, but hey, by then it was after 4 a.m. and I was off the computer.

Sorry about that.

Wade wrote:>>I'm on one group that the owner might not be aware of these impending changes. I'll let him know. Thanks.<<

You would be surprised how many groups are out there just completely unaware, and unsuspecting. That's why I'm trying to warn them all. Even though you all aren't on Yahoo, your relatives might be, or a friend, or etc. etc. like Ashton said. I know how important historical archives are to people, and after hearing the anger and anguish of someone whom Yahoo managed to screw up and lose 25 years of family archiving for...well, I took up the cause. And files and photos aren't safe either, one guy lost over 600 photos.

So that's all I'm asking, here guys. Warn people. And tell the owners of the groups to tell everyone else to warn people. Feel free to post the links above or my group link http://tech.groups.y...p/modsandmembers/
to help them understand the situation.

And if anyone has ANY idea how to archive better on a Mac, that's one of our serious technical problems that we haven't got a solution to yet.



P.S. Sorry I haven't been around, also. My dad is 87 and stopped driving, and mom never drove in the first place, so well...I'm chief chauffeur and go-for kid now. ;)

P.P.S.S. Scott, if you want, I can revise the initial post to be more suitable for in here. Just let me know. It was just a stock post we were putting everywhere, and I was not thinking by the time I got here.