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New Something like this maybe

I've not used an Perl clustering software, but there's probably something performant out there for you. Ben may have (probably has) a better idea.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Life just got easy
My main lookup table went from around 300 million records to a measly 10 million, or maybe even less. And the core specification dropped from a possible 500 comparisons per input record to a max of 10.

I'll get back to you on the final real requirements, but pretty soon I'll be able to code and run it on my phone.
     Goal: Really Fast File Lookup - (crazy) - (11)
         Brute force - (drook) - (1)
             No wetware in the budget. -NT - (crazy)
         Use memcached - (folkert) - (1)
             Not yet - (crazy)
         Map/Reduce? - (malraux) - (3)
             Pretty much, but in a simpler form - (crazy) - (2)
                 Something like this maybe - (malraux) - (1)
                     Life just got easy - (crazy)
         Can you combine methods? - (drook) - (2)
             Build time is once every 3 months - (crazy) - (1)
                 If space is not an issue but speed is - (jake123)

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