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New Starting a schism over LRPD
If a forum has been marked read and a post is then edited, doesn't the post/forum show up with a new LRPD? It's not really a "new" or "unread" post. I consider this a shameful abuse and the shining light of LRPD should not illuminate such a thing. In order to prevent a holy war I suggest a LittleBluePlasmaDot for edited posts. And since blue is inherently inferior to red, this will serve two purposes, distinguishing edited remarks from truly "new" posts(1), and informing the LRPD addicts of the lower quality buzz to be had from re-reading such a post.
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New Good idea

-scott anderson
New Admin: please move this post to Religion and Optometry.
New No it shouldn't...
...unfortunately, my LRPD message was just "Sorry, I can't argue with you unless you've paid." So there.

(besides, it clearly should be LGreenPD. Not blue. It's quite obvious, I think.)
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