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New Just some general thoughts.

If you can afford a color PostScript printer, drivers shouldn't be an issue on almost any OS.

Failing that, you might check out [link|http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/doc/AFPL/index.htm|GhostScript]/GSView to see what printers they support. That would also eliminate almost any driver issues. (Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter / rasterizer / converter that lets you print PS files to non-PS devices and much more.)

I've got an Epson Color Stylus 800 that I use with my OS/2 PC and my wife's Mac. It uses the IBM EpsonOmni driver. It's very slow in color under OS/2, but works fine with the Mac so it's worth keeping around. [link|http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0200H/vnewsf5.htm|Here's] an old VOICE article on some of the various Epson drivers from 2000. (Note that I've never tried printing 32-bit color with it from OS/2 as my desktop runs at 256 colors.)

IBM's list of supported printers (by brand) is [link|http://www7.software.ibm.com/2bcprod.nsf/WebCat?OpenView&Start=1&Count=300&Expand=36#36|here] at the DDPak site.

Sorry I can't offer any more specific advice. Lexmark had a pretty good reputation when I kept up on their OS/2 support a couple of years ago.

A quick Google search turned up [link|http://www.os2world.com/os2usb/html/printers.html|this] page at OS2World. It talks about USB printers that are reported to work with OS/2.

HTH. Good luck!

New USB is not an option.
Thanks for all the pointers. I'll keep them in mind, but USB is just not going to be an option. I absolutely need parallel port printers because I'm using LinkSys Pocket Print Servers on my Novell network.

And just to follow up on my own post, it's looking like it might be the actual cartridge. I stuck an empty black one I had laying around in the printer and it stopped whacking out. Hopefully, if I just replace it, everything will be ok.

Fingers crossed...
New You might try pencil eraser on wacko cartridge contacts.

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New Good answer!
I was doing that for old Gensis carts. I used a pencil eraser first, and then took isaboric alchahol on a Q-Tip to clean off the gunk on them. I bought a used "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" cart for $3 and it didn't work until I Q-Tiped the contacts and cleaned the gunk off the connectors.

Give it a try!

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