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New Day 1 of Digital TV
Due to my favorite (and almost only watched), station only able to broadcast at half power until July 1st, I can't get ch 4, (our CBS affiliate), in on my TV, despite having a converter box AND a new UHF antenna.

I might try various other antenna adjustments after I get back from my physical therapy, (unless I'm too sore), but so far, I'm not impressed much yet with DTV.

All I know is ch 5, (our NBC affiliate), better have it's act together for me to see the Penguin/Red Wings game tonight, or I'll be visiting the local Sports bar ASAP!

Grumbling in St. Louis about the change...

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New And nobody is writing about
the millions of analog VCRs that will end up in dumpsters because their tuners no longer work as of today. Good luck trying to get them to record from the digital signal. And double good luck trying to buy a digital recorder that comes with a tuner - every store I've visited has been out of stock since February.

All retailers assume that you'll get a free DVR from your cable company or satellite TV provider. For people like my mom who just has a rooftop antenna and will not get cable or satellite TV, they're out of luck.

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-- E.L. Doctorow
New VCR haven't been made in 4 years
AND the last company that makes the actual tape stopped making them about 4 months ago.
New Re: VCR haven't been made in 4 years
I have lots of video tapes, both new and re-useable, so I'm not worried about that part. And we have several VCRs as well, including one that converts VCR tapes to DVDs.

My mom has a Panasonic digital DVD recorder with a digital tuner, but it doesn't behave very well. It tends to freeze up for no good reason. Does anyone know of a better brand of DVD recorder?

When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
New Re: And nobody is writing about
We can tape fine to my VCR through the converter box, any channel except 4, the one I need, (Well, we can tape it, but there's not much there to tape). Hopefully when it goes to full-power on July 1st, I'll get it, but right now, sheesh.

VCRs can still be used, you just have to program them to tape channel 3 through the converter and set the converter to the station to tape.

When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
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New Get an HDTV and you will be impressed.
Seriously Brenda.

If you get a GOOD 22" Digital LCD TV (I bought a ViewSonic Cheapy) and you will see the light.

The Convertor makes the Digital Signal compatible with your ANALOG TV.

Dump your TV and get a new one with a Digital Tuner. You'll be much more impressed.
New Re: Get an HDTV and you will be impressed.
We've discussed getting me a new TV. Biggest problem is size, mine in here is really small, and fits into a certain size space. The TV is a 13 inch (measured diagonally) across, and has to fit in a space 13 1/2 inches tall by 22 1/2 inches wide, (and I don't know how deep).

Do they even make an HDTV that small?

Also, if you get a TV with a digital tuner, do you still need to use the converter box to tape off the VCR or anything else?

Thanks for the info.


When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
New There are lots of small LCD sets available.
E.g. a ViewSonic 16" N1630w set for $190:


Dimensions (W×H×D) --- 14.8" x 11.8" x 4.7" with stand
---------------------- 14.8" x 10.0" x 2.6" without stand

B&H Photovideo has the same set for the same price, but free shipping. http://www.bhphotovideo.com

(Note: I have no experience with ViewSonic stuff, and I'm not advocating that you get a new set. This is just an example of what's out there. :-)

If you're thinking about a new set, you should see some in person first. They're different from tube TVs and they have advantages and disadvantages.


New Thanks for the info
We did find out however, that it isn't as bad as it seems it is. Apparently instead of broadcasting at half power (like they were doing before), Ch 4, KMOV, was reducing it even more, to 10 or 15% power at different times during the day to avoid electrocuting the people working on installing the digital antenna. So the signal was better at night, and better still on John's set up, and they say it will continue to improve.

My worry about getting a new TV is that it still might not solve the problem, because we have always had issues getting even local signals here in our house due to being near the airport and a lot of tall trees. To get Ch 30 and see Star Trek back when it still aired in some form, John had to use a get-up of 2 UHF antennas, connected together, hung by a bungi cord from the highest point in the living room by the TV, and aimed in only one direction. It reminded me of when we used to try and boost our rabbit ears signals with tinfoil while standing on a table, holding on to the antenna with one hand and pointing the other hand towards a window ;)

So we'll see how it is tomorrow before I jump to a new TV decision. Still, thanks for the info. I have to stop typing for tonight though, my arm is really really hurting from all the driving, writing out the 5 page patient forms and having the first day of PT. OUCH.

When asking God for a break, be sure to specify what KIND you want!
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New Yes on the converter for the VCR
New Digital TV conversion Down Under has similar problems.
The analogue switch-off date has been put back a few times. There are multiple problems here:

* DVD recorder manufactureres were extremely tardy in putting digital tuners in. I spoke to several retailers who were getting sick of telling distributors that they were losing sales because of this. As a result, DVD recorders have been overtaken by PVRs, which have their own advantages, but their own disadvantages, too.

* Multi-channelling has been a farce. One network has gotten it for several years and delivers an independant program stream. But until recently the three commercial networks ran a HD stream with only some unique content. This hugely muddied the waters of the advantage of digital. Now they've begun to realize their mistake and are ramping up truly separate content, years late.

* DTVs are for sale everywhere. Set-top boxes are not. It took me a few visits to different stores before one salesman admitted that they'd sold so many that the distributors were having trouble keeping up.


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