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New What's an "IBM Character" when it's at home?
New think she means ascii?
New Something like ascii
John's home, he told me he means the 8-bit characters that were traditionally displayed on an IBM PC.

Does that help any?

New Fixed width you mean?
Or proportional.

You need to get the bitstream vera fonts and libertine fonts installed and perhaps the "msft ttf core fonts" I'm not sure what they OpenSUSE package is called.
New Re: Fixed width you mean?
John says that he built the microsoft ttf package and the X-font preview window shows the IBM characters, but if he starts an X-term with that font, it doesn't show the 8-bit characters.

It's also not as large a font size as it was in 9.0. Any ideas why it isn't working?

Thanks in advance for your input!

New They're sometimes called "console fonts".
They're also known by their "code page", which 437 (sometimes called CP437). This may help your searches in the package manager.


"Ah -- I take it the doorbell doesn't work?"
Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code. Defined well before ASCII.
No, he says that isn't it, but thanks for your input. :)

New Yes, IBM had a specific set of symbols.
Actually all the characters were 8-bit, but the plain ASCII characters all have their high bit set to 0. IBM simply specified what symbols displayed when the high bit was set to 1.

I don't remember exactly what that symbol set was (would have to search for it) but most character sets show some set of symbols for the high-bit characters, so if nothing shows something must be stripping the high bit (some programs used to do that).
New Code page 437, IBM high-ASCII box-drawing characters. HTH!
Edit: Not 850, you fucking idiot Conrad!
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