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New Not sure where to start...
Other than a brief question about Amy's handle, I haven't been in here since November of last year. I'm really not sure what to say though.

The latter half of 2008 really caused some major changes with me. Suddenly things that had always seemed unimportant were important, and vice versa. I began to look at many things in a completely new light, with a brand-new perspective.

As a result, a number of my typical behaviors changed radically. I was spending less and less time online, I was writing things less and less in all areas of my life, and I was spending more and more time in quiet contemplation, just thinking about everything in my past, present and what my future might hold.

I focused on new priorities, had a sudden revelation about aging and death, and had a fresh outlook on life as well. But I also have a lot of confusion about the impact certain events have had on me this year, and how dramatically it has changed me. And I can't tell if it is a good change or not, but it doesn't feel like a bad one. Actually, it feels more like a necessary one.

But in the process of all this, I left my online friends behind in many respects, including all of you, and I do have some guilt about that, because even online friends are still real people, with very real feelings. And I know I have a lot of people wondering where the Owl went in many of my online groups, including my own.

So to that end, I want to say I have missed you all, I'm sorry for all the birthdays, job-losses, illnesses and other events I haven't been here for to lend congratulations and/or support, and I'm so happy to see you all still here after my long absence. I did scan through the multitude of posts in Open Forum, and read a few here and there, but there's no way I can catch up with every thread at this point without taking forever.

And Laura, I'm thrilled for you to be cancer-free, and engaged to boot! That is simply wonderful!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and that I'm still here...sort of. :)

Nightowl >8#

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New No worries.
You take care of you. Don't worry about how we take things... you can't control that.

Just do what ya gotta do and move on.
New Glad you're doing Ok. Do what's good for you. :-)
New Don't worry about catching up....
Come here when you can. There's always an open seat at the table for you.
New An amen to that thought!
New no worries, take care
New Meditation good..
But as one wise-wag put it,

"Ya can't spend all your time in the Bank; eventually you have to go out and spend er, it.. "

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         No worries. - (folkert)
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For what it's worth, gangrene makes one testy.
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