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New Bizzare game in Heinz Field
[link|http://www.steelertribute.com/|Steelers Tribute]
Due to the high school games played there on Friday and the Pitt-USF game on Saturday, the Steelers decided to re-sod the field yesterday in preparation of this game. Unfortunately, they did not count on the massive rain which hit Pittsburgh all day and into the game. The weather turned the new sod into ankle-deep mud.

What a weird game. Over much of the field it was effectively ankle deep mud. Puddles everywhere and numerous brown patches where kitty litter was dumped in an attempt to soak up water.

Neither team could run or throw effectively because nobody could run effectively. The Steelers made the most progress, mostly with a lot of short passing. The Steelers really should have scored a couple of points, but a few sacks and botched plays when they where in Miami territory kept them from touchdowns. And with the field so bad, neither side tried any long field goals.

The best part was a Miami kick that hit the field and stuck right where it hit. The players on both teams where still moving as fast as they could to get where they expected the ball to bounce and they skidded in the mud as they tried to adjust. It was funny to watch in a game that was otherwise really pretty dull.

New Normally I like a defensive game
but in this one, the weather was the defense..made the game tremendously boring.

And as a Steeler fan, I was pissed that they let this game boil down to a 3 point field goal at the end. At least 3 times during the game they were moving the ball very effectively..getting to the 30 or so and then holding calls backed them out of range. They were their own worst enemy and tried to lose this one just like they lost against the J E T S Jets Jets Jets.

They've got to play New England IN New England...and while I had faith that they at least had half a chance to win that game (based on their defenses ability to hold down NE like Philly and Indy were able to do)...if they play like they have played the last 2 weeks, New England is going to crush them.
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New We shall see
The Steelers seem to be suffering from playing to their opponents level this year. The worse their opponent, the worse the Steelers play. Hopefully it works the other way also.

This game will pretty much display how far they are likely to go in the playoffs. They don't have to win, but they had better make it a credible game.

New Heh, reminds me of the ice bowl
Rather famous game in the CFL. There'd been a rain, and a freeze. They club put an antifreeze on the water, but it got REALLY cold and it froze too, leading not just to ice, but to greasy ice. People would take a while getting up to speed, but with the ability to change direction being almost nil it was hard to intercept, so they could get long runs going. When people were tackled they were literally sliding along the field for twenty yards; you'd see big wriggling masses of players sliding one way or another on the field as the energy from the various collisions affected the trajectory. It was a sight to behold.
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