I'm now updating my client's OS/2 computers so they can run OpenOffice.

Finished one up but at the last moment noticed the little icon for "Shared Resources and Network Connections" on the WarpCenter toolbar had changed to one that looked like a broken connection and it didn't do anything when clicked.

Checked under the Connections / Network / Network Services icon and there was no icon for "Shared Resources and Network Connections" at all anymore.

Reinstalled Peer networking and corrected the syntax error for tcipbeui in the ibmlan.ini file this always causes - and behold the icon was back (well, actually, there were now two of them under Network Services).

Re-updated to FixPack 15. Icons gone.

Checked my test machine. Icon was there.

Figured out that if you don't have Lan Administration (for WarpServer) installed, FixPack 15 removes administration for your own workstation (but the command line utilities still work).

Reinstalled Peer with Lan Administration, fixed the syntax error and updated to FixPack 15 - still two icons but I could care less - they both work and so does the shadow on WarpCenter.