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New Actually, they work pretty well
Long distance, intermediate and close range viewing- all crystal clear with the slight tilt of my head. Much better than contacts, which I cant wear anymore. Visual acuity wins over vanity. Everything is so crisp!
Expand Edited by Lily Oct. 18, 2007, 07:47:56 PM EDT
New Kewl!
     Today I officially crossed over to middle age - (Lily) - (9)
         It beats the alternative. :-) -NT - (Another Scott)
         Why does it have to be the eyes? - (imqwerky) - (2)
             Actually, they work pretty well - (Lily) - (1)
                 Kewl! -NT - (imqwerky)
         It is odd, isn't it... - (rcareaga) - (1)
             If she could see straight - (imqwerky)
         Even more scary - - (Ashton) - (2)
             ROFL -NT - (imqwerky)
             Great. Something to look forward to. -NT - (Lily)

We don't think of it as a rebellion. We call it "heavily armed stress leave."
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