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New Shooting for a new definition of monopoly
iPhone users pissed off because they can only use ATT for service right now.


Trying to class action against them for monopolistic behavior for locking the phones...and they've sold over a million. Ooooooh! Cellphone penetration in the US market is something like 175 million phones. Apple has a whopping 0.6% market share!
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New Just got mine last night
Brand new shiny iPhone. It's black. It's sleek. It has phone numbers in it, and not much else just yet.

Of course, I already had AT&T. Never really had a problem with their service, so no real reason to switch. Life goes on.

I can has bling.

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- Benjamin Franklin, 1759 Historical Review of Pennsylvania
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New Just for that
I'm gonna lerpidate you. Lucky bastige :-)
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