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New Could it be that corporate revenue increased
because of the increased military spending and not because of the tax cuts?

In 2005 Corporate revenues increased considerably so it could be said the Bush economic policies are working as planned, but are they?

Corporate revenues increased due to the fact the Department of Defense contract awards doubled from $133 billion in 2000, to $269 billion in 2005 and further increased to $295 billion in 2006.

[link|http://www.opednews.com/articles/genera_richard__071008_laugh_with_laffer_ov.htm|Laugh with Laffer] 
New a very small part of it
the 162 billion*2% profit margin of large defence contractors then the taxes on that isnt that much. The 2% is a reliable figure from when I worked for such a company and all usg bids were costs + 2%
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New Interesting use of stats
Jobs creation especially, considering Clinton's starting unemployment rate was almost 8% and Bush's starting point was about 4.

So, of course, they subtract the losses from the recession from 4 to 6 and then count the 6 to 4 and get only the increase in workforce between the 2 periods...so Clinton gets 4 points as a gimme PLUS the increase in workforce.

I love reading this stuff. Just continues to show you can prove both sides of an argument using the exact same stats.
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