It is still too early to go that far. She has, largely by default also, taken the front runners position. But it isn't that uncommon for the front runner anointed by the press before the actual process starts to get unseated. If she is still clearly in front after the 3rd or 4th state vote her position will be a lot stronger.

One thing Clinton and her staff understand well is the importance of acting like she has already won the nomination. By constantly implying that she is the run away leader for the nomination she gets the press to focus on her, which makes her the run away leader.

If we still had a functional mass media in the US, they would intentionally avoid that bias and give at least as much time to the minor candidates. Heck, this early in the campaign you can make the case that they should favor the minor candidates. But the US press can not be bothered to cover more then two candidates per party. That is what is destroying Edwards right now. He can't get enough news coverage because Hillary and Obama are the press selected front runners.