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New Satyagraha - Pursuit of Truth

This year we are launching CHOOSE PEACE, a series of events sponsored by New Yorkers for a Department of Peace that will be hosted around the world, honoring the 11 Days of Global Unity from Sept. 11-21. The CHOOSE PEACE campaign will raise awareness and funds for the Department of Peace Campaign.

September 11 represents a choice point for us as human beings; we can continue to choose violence, or we can choose proven strategies of prevention and peaceful conflict transformation. This September CHOOSE PEACE!

From [link|http://www.nyc-dop.com/gandhi/|NYC-DOP] 

New Awesome
Great find! It's about time we heard more "pro-peace" instead of "anti-war"

Makes more sense, doncha think?

New A surprising Sony Pictures co-sponsor
-- which just might make up for that period of inept DRM incursions, at least in my mentation..

And.. one of These Days, #1008 of a series of similar wishful proposals - just may find a sufficient plurality of bafflegab-battered, pissed-off perpetual taxpayers-for-DOD -?- to actually join the nyc-DOP.

May they go from Strength to STRENGTH, despite the daily reillusionments of chicken-hawks, whom we breed like rabbits.

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I liked Dragon Ball Z better; it didn't try as hard to be idiotic.
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