Reverse engineering is based on observation and experimentation.

There are many assumptions made. While it may work for the moment, in most circumstances, it is fragile and tends to breaks on MS updates. And then there is a mad scramble to figure out what happened and patch it, or use a different option, or simply do without.

I use SMBFS and CIFS to access windows servers from my Linux box via the mount command (not that I expect you to really understand what I just said). In certain circumstances, using certain a application, in certain ways, the files it generates gets corrupt.

It worked just fine when I first set it up, and then one day, the MS server got patched, and it stopped working.

I've given up since the general support consensus is no one really knows what to expect during the interaction. I generate the files locally and then copy them over to the final Windows share destination, which seems ot work. For now.