You know the score.

Shit day at work. Feeling tired. Can't be arsed with anything elaborate in the kitchen. You need some lovin' of the foodological kind.

What do you go for?

Head out, specifically a good steak joint. If I'm not in the mood to blow that kind of money, Chinese buffet. Not very good, but as much mediocre food as you can eat.

If I'm staying in for some reason, and I have the energy then I'll make Spaghetti. Typically I make enough sauce for 4 or 5 meals at a time and throw it in Tupperware until I use it. Then I can cook some noodles and make some garlic bread quick and drop the sauce in it.

If I don't have the energy, then Dinty Moore beef stew in a can. The plastic microwave containers don't taste as good, always get the can.