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New Fox news tie Vick to al Qaeda
[link|http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Fox_News_reports_but_cant_confirm_0820.html|Raw Story]
Fox News carried a straight-faced report on Tuesday that NFL quarterback "Michael Vick is being sued for 63 trillion billion dollars" by Jonathan Lee Riches, a prisoner serving time at South Carolina's Williamsburg Federal Collection Facility.

Noting no new developments in the case, Fox's account added little veracity to a handwritten complaint that Vick stole two Riches' pit bulls, entered them in dog fights, subsequently sold the dogs on eBay, and, ultimately, used the proceeds to buy missiles from Iran on behalf of al Qaeda.

Shepard Smith, who recently promised he was "not going to do more crap," concluded the segment by stating, "Fox News can confirm none of this," followed by a heartfelt, "Good grief!"

Fox News repeated a garbage story about a prison lawsuit tying Vick to al Qaeda as a serious item. At least the guy reading on the air had the good sense to be offended by what he just read when he finished it.

New They have the paper

Yep...its stupid. But it is real.
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New Holy Crap.
That was good. :0)

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New Didn't mean to imply that
I knew the lawsuit was real. Prisoners file any number of real but bogus lawsuits, some treat it as a hobby. The absurdity was that Fox treated this like any other serious news item, rather then something from a weak Daily Show routine.

New More is at TSG.
[link|http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0816071riches1.html|The Smoking Gun]:

AUGUST 16--Meet Jonathan Lee Riches. The federal prisoner/habitual litigant recently scored headlines with his insane $63 billion lawsuit against Michael Vick (who allegedly stole Riches's dogs, sold them on eBay, and used the proceeds to buy weapons from the Iranian government). Riches, who is doing a decade in prison for fraud, is at it again, this time filing a loony--though quite funny--complaint again Barry Bonds, baseball commissioner Bud Selig, and Hank Aaron's bat. In his lawsuit, Riches, pictured in the below mug shot, weaves an intricate conspiracy theory involving television ratings, steroids, the cracking of the Liberty Bell, Colombian narco-terrorists, and secretly recorded conversations for which journalists Robert Novak and Judith Miller have transcripts. [...]

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