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New No DirectX10 hardware will support DirectX10.1
Microserfs were there to espouse the greatness of DirectX 10.1, the next revision to the DX graphics spec, which is due to arrive with Windows Vista SP1.

Here's the thing. DX10 hardware - such as the GeForce 8800 or the Radeon 2900 - won't work with the new 10.1 features. The 0.1 revision requires completely new hardware for support, thus royally cheesing off many gamers who paid top whack for their new hardware over the last few months on the basis of future game compatibility.

If this turns out to be true and there is any significance to DirectX 10.1 there are going to be some upset people. I know a couple, including myself, that just moved up to DirectX 10. If DirectX 10.1 turns out to have a significant advantage and I have to buy another video card next year I'm going to be rather irked.

New And this surprises... ANYONE?
Microsoft has a bad habit and very long history of doing this.

And, what is that going to do to the way it runs things? NOTHING.
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New It is sad that I can't tell if it's BS or not
I would normally say this is bullshit as requiring a different set of hardware is a major revision, making it DX 11.0, and a professional software house like Microsoft would know this. Even if non-techs run a software house, the engineers still stick to engineering conventions, such as the version numbering scheme. However, Microsoft violate all manner of standards.

Neither can I say Microsoft wouldn't screw over the graphic card market for their own ends and let the game publishers and players suffer. They did it for Direct3D.

It is sad that I can't tell if this atrocity is bullshit or not.
Matthew Greet

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New Re: No DirectX10 hardware will support DirectX10.1
DirectX 10.1 adds 5 functions, 3 of which are used to access the other 2. Each of those expose a new feature not available on current hardware.

In addition, DX10.1 requires a few features be available on compliant hardware that were optional in DX10.

DX10 and DX10.1 (and presumably 10.2 etc) exist side by side. It's up the the game developer to chose which one (or both) to target. They will likely target both until there is significant market penetration of DX10.1 compliant cards. Are there even a significant number of DX10 only games yet?
Chris Altmann
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Whatever, it runs fine for now.
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