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New Dood, he doesn't care about computers
To tell you the truth, neither do I any more. I care about computers as much as I care about telephones. They're necessary to what I do, but I couldn't care less who makes it or what it runs. As long as it works the same way every time I touch it. (So yes, that rules Windows almost completely out. I use Linux when I have a choice.)

If I thought I could have a single install that worked without updates for 10 years, and continue to do everything I want, I'd use it. If I were installing either a standalone application or something on a private network -- which I'm betting describes 90% of Andrew's clients -- I'd do the exact same thing, burn it to disk and store it somewhere.

If learning the install options for another distro makes me more money, saves me time, or improves my life, I'll do it. Otherwise, it's a waste of my time. And last I heard, they're not making any more of that.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New Private networks it is.
The only reason any of these machines have a connection to the Internet is so the VAR can log in with SSH to make fixes and transfer files back and forth.

When a server I haven't seen for 7 years goes down it means the client can't ship product or the lab can't report sample results and nobody can print invoices. They are panicking - the server must be up again immediately and there's simply no time to fiddle with anything new or anything that doesn't work right.

We still have plenty of older systems out there accessible only by modem, but we're trying to get them on Internet access when we can - modem communications is just too unreliable and slow.

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