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New Silly Mysql question...
Is there a way to rename mysql tables en masse? I need to merge three databases into one, which means I need to append an identifier to each table in each database before importing them into their new home... I can do rename tables one at a time in phpmyadmin, but that's taking quite a long time...
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New Wouldn't it be easier to...
Dump and reload? Or to create a new table import all the records and then drop the tables?

Sure it takes a bit more space, but still it'd be a might bit easier. At least I'd believe it to be.
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New Scripting solution
You can do it via a script. Create a file with:

RENAME TABLE OldTable1 TO NewTable1;
RENAME TABLE OldTable2 To NewTable2;

and so on. Then do:

mysql DatabaseName -uUsername -pPassword ScriptFile

from the command line to run the script against the database.

You can use the information schema tables to pull all of the table names:
WHERE table_schema = 'DB_Name'

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