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New Doesn't seem to work.
But I'm terrible at these things...

10 people, so there's a 10x10 truth table. Conditions 1 and 2 imply that each person could shake hands with at most 8 people. That leaves 9 unique combinations (8 to 0). So there would have to be a duplicate to cover all 10 people, wouldn't there?

Then there's the problem of figuring out which one is the wife of the LAN administrator. Unless we accept that it's impossible for a LAN administrator to be married. ;-)

New you're picking it up at the wrong end
The piquancy of the puzzle lies in one's gut reaction that insufficient information has been provided for the solution. Read the terms carefully and then return to your truth table.

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New Re: you're picking it up at the wrong end
The answer lies obviously in fact that if one person shakes a certain number of hands, that affects how many other people can shake. I'm too tired to figure it out from there, though.

-scott anderson

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