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New Notice the very odd timing
What strikes me about this is the very odd timing. Libby has not yet finished his appeals of the case, but he has run out his options for staying out of prison.

It seems to me that the only reason Bush (or Rove or Cheney, hard to say which one in this case) would have for this action now is that they where afraid that Libby might talk if he landed behind bars.

New The timing was understandable to me.
Libby's peanut gallery would have been furious if he had been locked up for a day, so Bush had to act quickly. If Libby were going to squeal, he would have done so at sentencing at the latest. He won't say a word based on conditions as they are now. Of course, if he's found liable for $20M in a civil suit, well that might change his thinking, but I really doubt it.

Remember Bush still has the option of pardoning him after Libby's appeals run out, too... :-/

New He can always get "anonymous" donations of money later.
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