PC (perpetual consumption) Demands perpetual Reminders that happiness is a maxxed-out CC, large closets and a storage area for the stuff enroute to land-fill, to make room for the next delivery.

(Never mind that the trend is: there's less and less time to play with all those toys.)

Cold Turkey .. such an admirable effort, but likely ill-fated.
As population expands mindlessy (still...) guaranteeing the noise, dirt, angst and emotional disconnect of every large city -- it's quite possible that Shopping may be the only appearance-of-gaiety which most can even imagine. And it is assuredly the one that every vendor banks on. And he who doth not vendeth, buyeth, or both - It is All They Have Ever Known.

Without much of an alternative infrastructure to be found, one demonstrating a much more pleasant and Alive way of 'living' -- one with far less crap, and where shopping is not the prime recreation: methinks this experiment is doomed. We're already statistically studied/manipulated automatons, pretty-much over the entire 24 hour selling-time window du jour.

Hope I'm dead wrong on this one. Who Else would try it a second time? (even better prepared)