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New WTF were they thinking?
Burnouts along a parade route? Or was the crowd along the sides of the track? Can't tell from the story. Either way, you don't light 'em up with nothing but a guardrail between you and people.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New ABC TV showed the tape. MSNBC has it on line.
Of course, they don't show much of it, but it looks like the driver was doing something very stupid.


New 10+ cars did burnouts for the crowd.
Not just Drag cars, and have been for 18 years.


Well, for one the NHRA and the IHRA (and other racing associations or race governing bodies). They have a set-back policy and require concrete barriers and additional guardrails with 6-8ft fencing at the setback.

It is amazing that *NOBODY* thought about this given the HORRIFIC accidents and fire and blow-ups the Drag Racing has seen _DURING_ burnouts.

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That's the kind of brilliant thinking that propelled you onto public access.
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