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New Stupid psyops in Iraq
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have returning vets from time to time in my community college English classes. I asked one guy what he did over and he said he was in psyops. He said their job was to drive around blaring insults and blasphemy over loudspeakers so guys would get mad and run out at them, and the troops could then kill them.

This sounded nuts to me because apart from killing people, you might be making more enemies by driving around insulting their religion at rock concert volume.

Then a few minutes ago in Jeremy Scahill's BLACKWATER, I read that this exact tactic was used in the first seige of Fallujah after the Blackwater contractors were killed.

OK, that is just stupid. Even when it worked it is the sort of thing sure to make more enemies then it kills. No wonder so many are joining the side of the insurgents.

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