You were saying: ~ if you TELL, you are a RAT.

And I say.. that's Mafioso doggerel (and <13 yo territory) == prior to ever Getting to any intro-to personal 'ethics' course. (The subject-topic just hasn't come up - for many.) For some - it never Does. Those last stay pre-teen for liff. Dying as winos or CIEIOs.

Some admire {{a Lot, I guess}} - those guys/psychopaths who can hold their hand in a candle flame till it smells lika a Baghdad street.. then, \ufffd l\ufffd 007, declare - the trick is in not minding..

(I could say ~~ "when you TELL" and why you tell, if.. you do tell.)
But I wouldn't want to disturb your simple homily by incinerating it, prematurely - now would I?

As to Lawyers any so-called 'Profession'al?
(We profess to ___ and to ___ and: pay us $Lots/hour because We Profess ___)
See above.
See Foulwell; see lawyer-Nixon, see the University-educated Nazis amidst the mob. See Reiser (made neat file systems though, eh?)
See MBAs at Enron. Professionals - all.