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New I'm a father again^2 (two large jpgs)
Just brought home two kittens. Will have pics up soon as I download them.

Both of them.

Groucho getting to know his new sister/brother.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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Expand Edited by drewk May 23, 2007, 10:07:31 PM EDT
New GREAT!!!
good for you
Have fun
"Pictures are better then words because some words are big and hard to understand"
Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
New Wow! That black one grew up fast!!!!
New Very cute.
I was gonna ask how you got the black one so big in the second pic :-D but of course, it's a pre-existing resident, as it were.


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New Sweet, but there's a downside -
Sierra, t'other day seemed to be gnawing on something, on the porch.

She'd killed one of my buddies!
(Prolly my fault, too..)

A few local lizards had finally realized that - while I was sitting on the steps, reading paper w/tea, (or even at other times): I really wasn't interested in eating them..

So one or two would join me, sun selves on the other side of the steps, instead of prudently scurrying whenever a biped comes.

But I wasn't on the porch when this dastardly deed was done!
{sniff} I think she got Dan (Quayle, natch) - the slow one :-/

I have now repeated to her.. til it sinks in -- Do. Not. Eat. My Buddies!!
Next, we will work on 'Heel!'

New Good luck with that :)
     I'm a father again^2 (two large jpgs) - (drewk) - (5)
         GREAT!!! - (Bman)
         Wow! That black one grew up fast!!!! -NT - (Another Scott)
         Very cute. - (static)
         Sweet, but there's a downside - - (Ashton) - (1)
             Good luck with that :) -NT - (Steve Lowe)

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