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New Not very, I guess.
It's just that even now, after all the years I've been on this board (and off, and lurking, and on, and off, and lurking) your vehemence about nearly everything continues to genuinely surprise me.
"We are all born originals -- why is it so many of us die copies?"
- Edward Young
New Huh? What was so particularly "vehement" about that?
Just a friendly note, stated in perfectly neutral terms, about using the appropriate medium for different kinds of conversations.

*I* must confess that even now, after all the years I've been on this board (and other more or less, or much less, similar places on the 'Net), people's views on what exactly constitutes "vehemence" continue to genuinely surprise *me*.

Really, honestly: What, exactly, is particularly "vehement" about

What the fuck do you think this is?

You want to have a private conversation with somebody, use a private communication medium, like e-mail.

I don't see it.

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New 'Vehemence' ... has a certain lilt
As for moi, I Say

(as is oft the case with our apparently quite emotionally-sane adopted-Finn)

Vehemence - against even nascent Language Murder, in all it's forms - is no Vice!

-- copped from some Goldwater guy, sorta -
except, when He used that phrase in original form -- [Extremism] [..no vice.]
Likely, it cost him the election.

Muricans have now Turned That (election-losing inference) on its Head, embracing the lunatic as long-lost brother. We may draw our own conclusions about karma, coming due, about now.

..but I digress.

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                                 Huh? What was so particularly "vehement" about that? - (CRConrad)
                                 'Vehemence' ... has a certain lilt - (Ashton)

Using Powerpoint in the schools--that's better than teaching kids how to smoke.
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