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New Except ...
I've read several stories about people placing max bids well above the current bid, and someone always bids it up to their max. Seen some speculation that people are using multiple accounts to bid their own goods up. If they win their own stuff, they re-list it and now they now what the max bid was for the guy who just lost.

FWIW I just won another copy of the same item. For my max bid. Which got bid up one hour before it ended.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New Re: Except ...
And if they do that, a sniper won't help you, because they'll just use the eBay autobidder to bid it up and your sniper will obediently follow suit.

I repeat: bid what you think the item is worth. If you pay that, then you're getting good value. Anything less than that is a bonus.

Shill bidding? Say it ain't so!

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New Outbid? Market is out of your range.
If someone does outbid you using a fake account, you'd just see it as heavy competition. Assuming the seller isn't faking, it's unlikely this competition will ease significantly for a similar item in the near future. The market will appear to be out of your price range. One doesn't have the time to wait for the market to drop, if ever. Rethink your plans.
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New Lately, I mostly do auctions as a last resort.
For some little collectibles that my wife likes I still go to eBay auctions occasionally, and for some obsolete items (e.g. old cell phone batteries), but mostly I try to avoid them (or use Buy It Now) for the reasons you cite. My Fujitsu laptop was a special case.

The Wii I got recently was cheaper at a storefront at [link|http://www.express.ebay.com/|http://www.express.ebay.com/] than at concurrent auctions at eBay.

It does appear to be too easy for auctions to be manipulated. Unfortunately, there appears to be little that can be done about it if people are determined...

New Determined people are what auctions are all about.
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New Knowing your market helps heaps -
F'rinstance.. (as reported by the Tek scopes guys, some of whom correlate dumping of particular classes of equipment - by govt., military, say.) Then cometh the sudden appearance of (too-many! of the same item):

There's a trend that seems to hold over years (yess.. Somebody actually tabulates this stuff) - first 1 or 2 go for $lots, as there was a dearth. Some buyers of large lots next fail to dribble them in at intervals.. prices fall, maybe after the first week of pent-up demand: THEN you get yours.

Lots of categories where this isn't applicable, of course - but several where you can see the cluelessness of now, lots of amateur bulk purchasers -- trying to make a killing / overdoing the dumping / killing goose instead.

Capitalism, the zero-sum exploitation game, which rots the tykes' nascent little minds at the outset; they go for the MBA, not the thinking stuff - then ya gets a Nation of biz-droids who don't know shit about anything but deception. And are perpetually boring for liff, if golf or advanced-deception isn't the topic.

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