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Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


Purveyor of Doc Hope's [link|http://DocHope.com|fresh-baked dog biscuits and pet treats].
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     Oh yeah, BTW, in other news from the home front... - (CRConrad) - (24)
         Woot! Congratulations! Not bad for an 1886 Volvo owner! :-D -NT - (Another Scott)
         Congrats... - (hnick)
         Congrats! - (Steve Lowe)
         Great news! - (a6l6e6x)
         Congrats... - (Yendor)
         Woohoo! - (imric)
         Congrats! -NT - (Silverlock)
         tell Anki how much good taste you have - (boxley)
         warm congrats, etc. - (rcareaga)
         Congratumjolnirations! - (admin)
         Congrats - a fine event for Maytime, too. - (Ashton)
         Congratulations. - (pwhysall)
         congrats -NT - (SpiceWare)
         Ahh...wedded bliss. - (bepatient)
         Tops! Woo, yay, and congrats! -NT - (Meerkat)
         Congratulations, Conrad! - (jake123)
         Congratulations! And welcome to the club. -NT - (mmoffitt)
         Congratulations -NT - (jbrabeck)
         Thanks, everybody. See you in a week or so... - (CRConrad) - (2)
             Don't you dare, you have better things to do -NT - (drewk) - (1)
                 Sorry... -NT - (CRConrad)
         Congratulations, Conrad! - (Nightowl)
         Sumovabitch! - (jb4)
         Belated, but congrats! - (slugbug)

Too busy performing brain surgery on sick children to respond, sorry.
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