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New Yahoo's been mentioned as a potential target on Mini.

Many people there say MSN and Live have been a disaster so they need to do something...

New *SOME* say?
No sir, nearly everyone says it a major - epic scale disaster. Since they incorporated all the XBOX and XBOX360 stuff into it... The "Live" part is seriously faltering.

Go onto nearly any Fanboy XBOX site and look for complaints about XBOX Live. You should be inundated with them. In fact, people cannot remove "payment methods" since the "integration". People have to contest the charges to get them stopped. And even then it take 2 - 3 months of charges being contested and back charged for them to finally be removed from the XBOX portions of the stuff.

It is sad. Microsoft may not be dead, but dam... it has shot, emptied and reloaded the gun, several times and shows no sign of letting up.
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Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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Too late, some of us have already taken offense.
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