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New Thanks - nicely legible explanation.
Where my lore fails is:
W.T.F. the concept "modular" - is not applicable to a one-size-fits-all [*nix build.]
Yes, the CPU needs to arrange some memory for running the {missing} modem-engine and
Yes, part of the operations of a chosen DSP may or may not be (also) delegated to the CPU == yan memory allocation for these ancillary calcs.

But.. reinvent those wheels for every kernel change?
So then, W.T.F. does "modular" really *mean* re *nix?

Yeah.. ignorance Kills.


Expand Edited by Ashton April 23, 2007, 06:58:51 AM EDT
New It is an Intellectual Property concern.
If they're willing to compile it for your Linux kernel, they are obviously able to compile it for a range of kernels. But they still want you to get it from them, perhaps even in exchange for money. They just don't want you to hand it out to all at large. That's their right, whether or not they choose to exercise it. IOW, it's not a technical limitation.


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