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New Where is the auth code in that?
Where is the cursor problems?

Where are the security monkey program allowing or denying?

And for gawd sake, the making of the authorization return code to "make your installation" not in testing mode?

Not to mention all of the Driver upgrades and program you will have to buy an upgrade for...

Come on, you are a good citizen, You should be GLADLY giving you money to a corporation.

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Freedom is not FREE.
Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
SELECT * FROM scog WHERE ethics > 0;

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New You know what I really miss?
I pine for the dozens of restarts required to make it all work.

I only get one. I feel cheated.
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         Where is the auth code in that? - (folkert) - (1)
             You know what I really miss? - (bepatient)
         not 'update manager' -- 'update-manager' -NT - (drewk) - (3)
             Why thats true - (bepatient) - (2)
                 and I forgot... - (bepatient)
                 Just trying to save someone else my frustration - (drewk)
         I clicked on the thing that said "want to upgrade?" -NT - (Steve Lowe)

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