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New Maurene O'Gara - willing shill for Microsoft
"Journalist" Maurene O'Gara is most famous for her attacks against Pamela Jones of Groklaw and diatribes against the GPL (General Public License) under which Linux and many other open source products are distributed.

She has been definitively outed as a Microsoft shill by an email between Microsoft and their PR firm Waggener Edstrom. Microsoft has deliberately used her to conceal their anti-open source activities. Details at [link|http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20070417181027290|Groklaw].

It makes one wonder how many others of our brave "independent" "journalists" have similar deals.
New The sheer staggering multiplicity of the means of
duplicity.. appears to be the MO in this industry. No amateur could become even \ufffd-informed on just the major bones of contention.

Compound every micro-step with slathered on turgid legalese and .. who would take the deciphering job, at Any price!? Is Pamela Jones some sort of Buddhist Saint?

Kinda looks like the model for ~ all the details never imagined, planned, accomplished (or even just: abjectly failed) in that Middle East business. Neoconmen/DOJ as Waggener Edstrom trainees?

ie Life.. is Too Short for examination of all its details.
(Even of things that actually Matter ??)

Plato was Wrong.

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         The sheer staggering multiplicity of the means of - (Ashton)

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