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New More details on April 15, apparently.
[link|http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D8O8HMJ80.htm|Business Week]:

On Sunday, Clinton and Edwards chose to announce only their money totals; they do not have to make detailed fundraising and spending reports public until April 15.

Clinton's campaign, which reported total receipts of $36 million, would not say how much of her $26 million in new contributions were general election donations that would be useless in her primary campaign. In addition to the donations, Clinton transferred $10 million from her Senate campaign account.

Edwards aides said his $14 million in new contributions included $1 million for the general election.

Neither the Edwards nor the Clinton camps wanted to discuss how much cash they had left, making it more difficult to assess how the two campaigns stack up against each other.


New Political Moneyline has the details.
[link|http://www.tray.com/fecinfo/|PoliticalMoneyline] has each candidate's report, and an [link|http://www.politicalmoneyline.com/cgi-win/pml1_sql_PRESIDENTIAL2008.exe?DoFn=2008|overall summary of dollars] for the major presidential candidates.

Clinton had an average of $1610.22 per individual, while Edwards had an average of $1229.47 per individual, and Obama had an average of $1267.20 per individual. That strikes me as extraordinarily high, for all of them - especially this early in the process. Since Obama is claiming 100,000 on-line donors but only lists 20,284 total in the form, presumably small contributions are aggregated somehow.

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