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New How were they defined?

Depending on exactly which syntax you use to define your functions, you can end up with their names not being visible to various debuggers.

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New Don't remember exactly.
I know they weren't using the 'normal' function name() { ... } notation. I remember that because the page still had one or two functions like that and Venkman could see those.

But it couldn't see functions defined like this:

\nvar search_dropdown = {\n    keyword: document.ticketsearch.search_keyword,\n    list: {\n        'issue': document.ticketsearch.search_keyword_issue,\n        'product': document.ticketsearch.search_keyword_product,\n        'code': document.ticketsearch.search_keyword_code\n    },\n    check: function(el) {\n        this.keyword.style.display = 'none'\n        for( other in this.list )\n            this.list[other].style.display = 'none'\n        if( el.value in this.list )\n            this.list[el.value].style.display = 'inline'\n        else\n            this.keyword.style.display = 'inline'\n    },\n    set: function(el) {\n        if( el.value in this.list )\n            this.keyword.value = this.list[el.value].value\n    }\n}\nsearch_dropdown.check(document.ticketsearch.search_where)\n

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