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New Windows/Word/PDF question
The brain-dead employer is about to upgrade us all from Win2000 to WinXP ("We'll be up-to-date for about six weeks," sighs our long-suffering LAN guy), and I presume that this will include a substitution of a present-century version of the MS Office suite for the circa-1997 crap.

Can anyone tell me whether the XP/Word combo permits the export of a Word file to PDF without the purchase of the full Acrobat package? At the moment we are obliged, ever since management had the brilliant idea earlier this year to distribute what amount to customer-service "bulletins," to send PC Word files to the Mac-based art department (that would be me) which then reproduces the format in Adobe InDesign and exports to PDF. This is a lot closer to clerical work than I like to get (nothing against clerical workers, but I never thought it made sense to have me do what amounts to data entry functions normally performed by personnel who cost the organization maybe a quarter my pay, given that certain other elements of my skill-set are not duplicated in-house anywhere else locally, and in few locations internationally), and I'd love it if I could teach El Jefe's secretary/receptionist to generate the product herself. Is the feature a part of the XP/Office package? If not...geez, I'd be prepared to purchase the full Acrobat package for Windows. It wouldn't be the first time I've bought software for the employer...

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New Should be able to get Acrobar Writer
I haven't looked lately, but I used to use this cheap (~$39.95) app that appeared as a printer under pretty much any Windows app. So if you could print from it, you could make a PDF from it. First time the secretary uses that instead of using you it's paid for itself.

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New Another option is Nitro PDF.
I bought a copy, but haven't played with it much yet. A 30-day free trial is available.

[link|http://www.nitropdf.com/|Nitro PDF].

(Who is investigating moving to Kubuntu to address issues like these...)
New CutePDF?

Requires Ghostscript, which is also a free (GPL, oddly enough) download.
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New We use CutePDF at school
I got sick and tired of dealing with all of the different file formats so now all I accept is PDF.

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New Print to file to a postscript printer
and run ghostscript on the results to get a pdf. I know there's a pdr thing you can get on warp to automate all that for you; I'm sure there's some sort of analog for windows.
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New Simple
Install GhostScript and GSView
Print to PS file from any app.
Use GSView to convert to PDF.
Works well and is free.
New Guh
Screw MS Office. Download OpenOffice.org 2.0. Read/write .doc files like you were in MS Office. Export to PDF natively for free. Tell the dorks above you to quit paying the MS tax and get better functionality for $nada.

Pipe dream? Perhaps.
Smart move? Definitely.

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New Bullshit
Exact formatting doesn't work.
Print to PS and use Ghostscript to convert the way I outlined.
New Re: Windows/Word/PDF question
Don't assume that newer variants of Microsoft Office are necessarily functional upgrades from the older versions. While more stuff has been added, I find that the Word2k I use at work is significantly less stable than the Word97 I use here at home. YMMV, obviously.
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New PDFCreator works best, IMHO
If you don't have Acrobat, that is.


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New Seconded - beats my previous suggestion
Get it here:
New In a word - no
I bought print2pdf. $9.99. Slow but works.
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New Use Ghostscript for Windows. (edited)
It does the exports to PDF. Or just use PDFForge, as seen in Peter's reply.
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