It's been 2 weeks since my 98 year old Aunt Jeffie died, and everything still feels like it's in chaos. To top it off, other problems are arising faster than I can cope with them.

Even before Jeffie died, my mom started having spells where she was dizzy when lying down, and we managed to get her to go to the doctor, and he gave her some medication.

Then after the funeral, Mom started worrying about my dad because he was having weakness in his legs, and apparently this has been going on for a month without me being aware of it. Shit! As my brother had asked me to "keep an eye on our parents" since I'm the closest, I wasn't too happy she hadn't told me this. So I finally got her to take him to the doctor last week. He's 83 years old, and we're waiting to find out what is going on with that.

SIL had to go and overhear something I said said at the Wake, completely misundertand it and then blow it all out of proportion. She went whining to mom, etc, and that took some doing to clear up. I'm still not sure, that it is cleared up, but I sent an e-mail to her trying to fix it, anyway.

And if all that isn't bad enough, Katie's brother Fred, (the son of Jeffie who has been battling cancer), went to the ER with seizures last weekend after the funeral. His tests also came back from earlier that shows the cancer is reoccurring. Due to the seizures he was told he can't drive, or work, which makes the chemo shoot up in cost more than 4 times the cost. When he worked, it was only $88.00 a treatment, and when he couldn't it was $400.00 a treatment (sigh). That's fucking ridiculous, but it's the case. So now Katie is worrying about where that money will come from (it had been coming from her, her daughter and my parents before he got the $88.00 deal), but her daughter now has the funeral to help cover and my parents are offering more money, but man, when does this shit EVER end?

And his kids don't seem to lift ONE finger monetarily to help, and tend to make it worse yet, especially the one that gets out of control and drunk. She had showed up at the ER and created all kinds of havoc when he was admitted for the seizures last weekend... but does she hand over any money to help her sick and possibly dying dad? NO.

Sorry about all this, I just have had so many problems coping since the funeral. My chest has been hurting from stress, my sides have been spasming from stress, I've had a lot of difficulty sleeping, I've had no energy, and I dread talking to my family lately because of what may happen next. I have an appointment to see my Dr Dec 4th, but I feel lousy now. I'm wondering if I have Walking Pneumonia, because of all the symptoms I'm having that seem to mirror it. I've had it before.

And Thanksgiving is a mess. Aunt Jeffie used to be the anchor, more or less, where she was, most everyone tried to go or be at if we had a family Thanksgiving. Now she's gone, and the family seems to be adrift, with certain parties not wanting to be with other parties, on Thanksgiving etc. SIGH. Due to all that, Katie is coming to Thanksgiving with us (at my parent's house), but we're still not sure where my brother and his wife will go that day. Without Jeffie, people seem to be splitting up in all directions.

I keep saying to people, "she passed peacefully away 2 weeks ago and we haven't had a moment of peace since." That about sums it up!

Thanks for letting me vent, I'm hoping maybe if I do that some of my stress will lessen.