. . groundwork, having carefully gathered solid evidence of Microsoft's deliberate efforts to funnel money to SCO Group to support their legal attack against Linux. Plausable deniability didn't work because the guy they hoodwinked into investing millions in SCO Group voluntarily spilled the beans, naming names, dates and times.

And speaking of spilling the beans, [link|http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20061104213326242|Ransom Love] has declared for IBM, completely and utterly destroying any hope the SCO Group might have had that they had a ghost of a chance of making a case. Ransom Love was CEO of Caldera when the whole SCO asset purchase went down. A case can now easily be made that SCO Group filed frivolous lawsuits with complete knowledge they were based on lies.

Now that is sweet, sweet vengence. It was Darl McBride who displaced Ransom Love at Caldera and renamed it The SCO Group. He must have really enjoyed reaming Darl.