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New Life happens quick.
23:32 October 28, 2006.

I be Grandpa.

Caleb James. 7lbs 1oz. 3-4 weeks early. Very coneheaded due to the accident earlier this week, sitting in the chute ready to go. His his left femur popped out of joint during labor. Popped back in and they will xray to see if anything else happened...

Jessica's water broke ~ 8PM, drove to the hospital. About 45 minutes of real labor.

Pictures are available but being withheld at request for now.

Other than that, Only two people were allowed at the hospital until this morn.
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New Congratulations, grandpa!
Crossing fingers for no permanent problems and speedy recovery.

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New Happy for Granpappy!
Best wishes for daughter and the new youngun'.

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New Congrats, and well wishes to all
I hope the little guy is ok.

-scott anderson

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New Congrats
New Congrats!
Hope mom and son recovery quickly :)
New Congratulations!

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New yippie!! glad all seems fine
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New Welcome to the club
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New Spoil him rotten..its your duty!
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New Man, you're old
Be a dear, and pass along "Congratulations" to the new mom.

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New Gratumalations.

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New Congratulations!
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New Wow. Hope everyone is doing fine.
New Congrats old man
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New Now's the time to get revenge on your kid...
Spoil the grandkid!
Odoru aho ni miru aho!
Onaji aho nara odoranya son son!
New Advice -
umm, no Mountain Dew for the tyke. Right?

New Only diet.
New Congratulations and best wishes to everyone!
New Congratchumadoodles!
(I became an uncle for the eighth time about a day before that. :-)

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New Hey!!! Awright!
Been there for 2 and a half years. You're gonna really like it!
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New That's wonderful, Greg!
Congratulations, and I hope you are doing better on all levels!


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