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New Weekend update
* Experimentally verified that God did indeed invent whiskey to keep the Irish from taking over the world. Good stuff, though.
* Met somebody who would be perfect for me, (while sober) but for two minor details which match up to make one big detail that says NO YUO! Other weirdness is that she is for the most part the clone of the next person I discuss here.
* Ran into somebody else that I came fifteen seconds away from asking out back in June, only to find out that she had a boyfriend. We talk, verbal hints that she may not be happy with boyfriend. Note to self: Explore this.
* Almost bought a car, but thanks to mom changed my mind. Made the mistake of talking to her just before a dance, which totally ruined my mood, (this happens a lot when I talk to her) so I left. Before leaving, met a THIRD woman who I extracted the promise of dancing with her next week when I go back.
Odoru aho ni miru aho!
Onaji aho nara odoranya son son!
New keep up the good work.... :-)
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. (Herm Albright)
New What good work?
Post back when you have something to brag about.

New Experimentally verify the babes also.
Just a word to the wise.
Draft Obama [link|http://www.draftobama.org/|now].
New Workin' on it.
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