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New Film: The Day The Earth Stood Still
I've always wanted to see this film, but never quite got around to it. The plot line is simple - a space ship lands on the national mall in Washington D.C., and a man arrives with a message. Humanity reacts as it's usual xenophobic self - but not everybody is afraid of the man, and some will help him try to spread his message before it is too late for the world...

"Klaatu barada nikto"

Want to know what that means? Watch the film.

I was actually quite impressed by the acting in the film, especially the man picked to play Klaatu - he had an otherworldly presence and self-assuredness about himself that made him a perfect actor for the part. In fact, I would compare him in style to the actress who plays Six in Battlestar Galactica - they both have the same "not-quite-human" feel, although he lacks the sexuality obviously.

And the acting isn't everything. The story, humanity's reaction to the visitor, and the loyalties of each person are quite believable. We've seen this story again, with elements of it lopped off, in countless film after film since then - ET, Splash, Short Circuit, and Starman to name a few - but the original does it very well, enough so that I didn't mind watching it again.

The special effects are actually quite good for a film of that era. I will admit to noticing supporting wires once, but overall things looked pretty good.

Thane gives it 4 out of 5 stars, and a bonus "must see" for any sci-fi buff.
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New Thou sayest -
Alas, there was once a bitchin website with stills, much of the history of how Wise came to want to make this flic (it was based on the story Farewell to the Master by [link|http://www.moviediva.com/MD_root/reviewpages/MDDayEarthStoodStill.htm| Harry Bates].) and much else about the psych as well as movie details. Ran out of money I guess.. it was a very well crafted 'site' to boot :-/

550K hits on TDTESS, etc. - from which you can see that a sizable group deem this, well...
... The science fiction film genre had relatively few serious entries to its credit before TDTESS. Metropolis (1926) and Things to Come (1936) stand out for lack of competition, provided mostly by the likes of Saturday afternoon serials, such as those featuring Flash Gordon and Crash Corrigan. This film was envisioned from the beginning as an "A" picture with first rate production values and cast, and struck such a chord with Cold War audiences that Sci-Fi films have been taken seriously ever since.
(I trust you've seen the two earlier mentioned..?)

What you don't usually read much about - is the timing/audience/milieu of this '51 'A' film - though some of the links attempt a feeble recap.

As with those who've only read about Mc Carthy and The Fear shtik (think Rove - 55 years ago?) - you can't quite imagine the effect of this {clearly metaphorical and well acted} commentary on The Times. (Now.. all are jaded, having seen every 3rd-rate hack's dim vision of this or that silly dystopia, all this dross accompanying the rise of the action-for-action's-sake POS as today's standard fare.)

I've noticed through the years - peoples' reaction on first viewing. It can be a litmus for lots of 'attitudes', as well as a one's 'history inventory'. I deem it one of the Greats: so many have copied the plot, yet they all fuzz together in not approaching the virtuosity of Patricia Neal, Michael Rennie et al. Kinda like the happy accident of Casablanca?

And.. have you ever seen a more loathsome ex-fiance than Hugh Marlowe?
Well, HAVE ya, sucker??

Gort, barenga!

New Re: Thou sayest -
I've seen Metropolis, but not Things To Come - which has now been added to my Netflix queue, currently at ~300. So yeah, it will be a while before I see it. :P

Agree wrt the timing of the release of the film, and the message contained within - I have said before, and I will say it again, that humanity as a whole needs to grow up a LOT if we're ever going to make it "off planet" in some form or another.
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