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New How much will Vista cost per seat?
Including everything involved in updating machine(s) or getting new ones, New OS and Office. New SMS, Exchange, Sharepoint... blah blah blah...

$3.5K on the low side, $5K+ on the high side.

All depends on one thing... *IF* you will be doing it.
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Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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New My company will take its time
We just finished getting everyone migrated to XP from W2K/nt/95/98/etc along with an email migration to the Exchange 03 version (we are so stuck with active directory now) There is not a chance in hell we will do any more OS moves for at least 3 years.
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New Sounds about right
but do you suppose that anyone would compare that to the greatly reduced cost of Linux, which I believe IS now ready for quite a large chunk of corporate applications and the minor cost of retraining users of some system basics.

Its inertia now keeping Windows in the drivers seat.
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