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New Ahh, I love my boss
Well, not my boss, my boss's boss. You know, the VP
in charge of the division. The one all the Directors
report to.

I called him on the way home - don't forget to bring
in my ssh bounce box for the dmz - no proxy server
for MY systems!

His reponse - no problem. And I was just at Comp-USA.
I picked you up 2 big track balls and a Gbit switch
for your desktops. You need anything else?

Me: Yeah, a phone.

Him: Already ordered, should be in tomorrow or Monday.

Oh: And he fed me a very nice lunch at a fancy italian

And my laptop came in today. Lenovo Core2 Duo CPU.
Decent size screen while still being light.

The only thing missing is my dual LCD monitors - to
be ordered on Monday.
New Cripes. Did he also order you some dancing girls?
Worst President ever.
New Already handled by hiring me
Some very nice eye candy here. Not that I'd ever touch anything where I work. I think.
New He should have gotten you one of these:
[link|http://www.advantechinternational.com/Trackballs.cfm|Industrial Trackball]

New I want one...
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. (Herm Albright)
New That just screams "Power Mac"
I need one for my studio.

[link|http://www.blackbagops.net|Black Bag Operations Log]

[link|http://www.objectiveclips.com|Artificial Intelligence]

New It's for X-rays
Some guys from Advantech were visiting today (to talk about exciting things like motors and stages) so I asked about the trackball.

If you want it, you'll have to call. Price is at least $115 (that may have been for a non-lighted one), and they haven't sold many. Original use was on an X-ray machine, which was used in the dark, so the light provided feedback on what the operator was doing.

BTW, industrial joysticks and trackballs have a wonderful feel to them - in a different class (in price and performance) from consumer models.

New They had the 3" one in
Arcade games.

I remember football. how you would just flick the ball and then keep the ball rolling and rolling and roling until you got the touch down.

Also some of the golf ones had 'em too.
[link|http://www.iwethey.org/ed_curry|REMEMBER ED CURRY!] @ iwethey
Freedom is not FREE.
Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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