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New SAMBA question from a n00b.
Situation: I have an undocumented server with a SAMBA share on it that is used by a small group of people. I need to add somebody to the share. No LDAP or anything else, all user accounts are local to the machine. It appears that the way the guy set it up, he had the users enter their login passwords into the SAMBA server as well, then mapped the drives to the machines, and it worked fine.

I'm poking around at the documentation, but I'm not finding how to add a user. Did the "adduser $USERNAME", "passwd $USERNAME", "smbpasswd $USERNAME", but the last gave me:
Failed to find entry for user adiggs.\nFailed to modify password entry for user adiggs

I think there's something I have to do to resync the SMB user database, but I can't find it - any suggestions?
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New Ummm... hmmm.
smbpasswd -a $USERNAME

That is the ticket.

BTW: smbpasswd --help might have given this clue away.

In any case, the adduser command should have prompted you for a password anyway.
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New Nope, it didn't. :P
And yeah, I'm kinda frazzled this morning. New quarter, and everybody and their sister decided to submit last minute change requests. I'm of half a mind to tell them to frack off for three months, but I'd get in trouble. For now, I'll just redirect my e-mail to /dev/null. :P

Edit: and I meant "adduser" didn't ask for a password.
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New Does the user have a Linux login account?
In general that is necessay before smbpasswd will agree to create it's own user name and password with smbpasswd -a <username>. First it checks /etc/passwd for the user. Depending on Samba configuration the Linux password may be removed once smbpasswd -a is run - or may not.
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