MJF is/was one of the more famous reporters on Microsoft. On the 20th it was announced that she left [link|http://www.microsoft-watch.com/|Microsoft Watch] for a ZDNet blog - [link|http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/|All about Microsoft].

Yep, this is my new gig. No more Microsoft-Watch for this Microsoft watcher. I decided it was time to move to a place that reflects my opinion that blogging is the future of journalism. If you want to read more about my decision to join the blogging ranks at ZDNet, check out [link|http://www.longhornblogs.com/robert/archive/2006/09/20/Mary_Jo_Foley_Exit_Interview.aspx|my short but sweet \ufffdExit Interview\ufffd over on Robert McLaws\ufffd LonghornBlogs.com Web site].

More mutterings from the peanut gallery is [link|http://www.makeyougohmm.com/20060920/3803/|here].

There's likely nothing unusual behind it, but I was quite surprised when I went to M-W for a quick scan today and didn't see her smiling face.