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New EU commissioners are FUDdy duddies
Four European Parliament members warned the European Commission that its actions toward Microsoft Corp. could endanger the competitiveness of European businesses by delaying the release of Vista, Microsoft's next operating system.


Microsoft regards the E.U.'s regulatory actions as a "risk factor."


"This effectively means that the Commission's actions are endangering the ability of European business to compete globally," the legislators wrote.


However, the Commission's actions have prompted concern among small to medium-size businesses in Europe, worried that the E.U. could potentially delay Vista's release, putting them at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the world, Bowles said.

"That climate of uncertainty caused through competition policy and actions already taken ... are meaning that Europe is being deprived," Bowles said.
Exactly how would "small to medium-size businesses in Europe" be unable to "compete globally"? Is the current version of Windows so massively inefficient that businesses that switch to the next version get a measurable market advantage compared to European businesses that don't switch?

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New This is the result of campaigning by Microsoft . . .
. . and outright threats by the company. Microsoft carefully avoids talking to anyone with technical knowledge but only to non-technical "influencers". I'm sure they've spent many millions $US to get the result you are seeing.

The people they talk to haven't the slightest idea that Vista is more likely to cripple their economy than lack of Vista is.

There's an old saying, "When money talks, bullshit walks", but in today's world this needs to be changed to "When money talks, bullshit smells like roses".
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